Blatt Lifts
Two-Post Auto Lifts:
   - 8000 lb Auto Lifts
   - 9000 lb Auto Lifts
   - 10,000 lb Auto Lifts
   - Heavy-Duty Truck Lift
Four-Post Auto Lifts:
   - 12,000 lb HD/RV Lift
 Alignment Racks:
   - 7,000 lb
   - 12,000 lb
   - Heavy-Duty/R.V.
Specialty Lifts:
   - Lube Racks
   - Limo Lifts
   - Tire Lifts
Parking Solutions
- Car Stackers


Lift Installation:
When it comes to putting a multi ton vehicle above your head donít take any chances.  Make sure your lift installation is up to spec by having it installed correctly and safely by a team of Blatt Certified Lift Installers.

Removal and Reinstallation:
If youíre moving your shop or need to have lifts moved for any reason, turn to Blattís professional service technicians to do the job right. Theyíll have your lifts up and running properly and quickly,

Lift Repair and Maintenance:
Donít risk your life or the lives of your employees by having an autolift serviced by anyone other than the certified professionals and Blatt Auto and Truck Lift. We repair and maintain all above ground auto and truck lifts.  Get the job done right the first time with Blatt.