Parking Solutions: Car Stackers

The Blatt “Car Stacker”
Parking Solution

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Blatt Lifts
Two-Post Auto Lifts:
   - 8000 lb Auto Lifts
   - 9000 lb Auto Lifts
   - 10,000 lb Auto Lifts
   - Heavy-Duty Truck Lift
Four-Post Auto Lifts:
   - 12,000 lb HD/RV Lift
 Alignment Racks:
   - 7,000 lb
   - 12,000 lb
   - Heavy-Duty/R.V.
Specialty Lifts:
   - Lube Racks
   - Limo Lifts
   - Tire Lifts
Parking Solutions
- Car Stackers


Many of our customers have been asking use to find a high quality, commercial grade car stacker to allow them to increase the amount of usable space in their garages. Well here it is. Safe, durable, and easy to use the Blatt “Car Stacker” pays for itself very quickly by giving you twice the parking space in the same garage.